Krista Benjamin

This week's Halo Haven Spotlight is on Krista Benjamin! Much like Mike Trout, Krista has made a huge impact with her devotion to the #Angels in a relatively short period of time. Introduced to the  later than some, Krista is a prime example of why we should ALWAYS take our non-baseball friends to Angel Stadium. Passionate and devoted, Krista did what most Angels fans wouldn't even dare. She rocked a GIANT Rally Monkey head at a Freeway Series game in Dodger Stadium. If that isn't being down for the cause, then we don't know what is. Krista is a very valued member of the Halo Haven community. Fanaticism like hers, reaffirms the fact that Angels fans are the absolute best in all of sports! Please take a moment to read Krista's Angels bio below. 

Rooting for the Angels since: 2008 (I wish I was a fan sooner!) Nobody in my family really watched baseball except for my dad, but he's a Cubs fan so no thanks! Lol. It wasn't until my bf introduced me to it, and now he's created a monster!

Cheering from: Santa Clarita. For those who have never heard, near Magic Mountain. It's definitely worth the drive. 

Favorite player: I absolutely LOVE Hank Conger! He's such a goofball. And Torii. Oh how I miss him.

Best memory at the stadium: My favorite memory was my very 1st game. I will never forget it. Also, the Angels 5k a couple years ago. To be able to step foot on the ground you worship is indescribable. 

Favorite piece of memorabilia or accessory: We have a GIANT plush rally monkey head you can wear on your hand. It's definitely a head turner. 

All-time best Angels moment: Signing Mike Trout to a major deal. Enough said!

I love Halo Haven because: There is no off season with you guys. You keep people like me sane when there's no baseball on. Baseball isn't a season. It's a lifestyle.

Follow Krista on Instagram: @cityofhalos